The Snape Cut

Eating Mango

The Snape Cut

Mangos don't bring the sense of delight they used to bring.

You have a memory of the best mango you ever had which makes subsequent mango experiences a letdown.

Mango in its heyday was sweet yet tangy, firm but soft.

You could cut the cheeks off them, the flesh scored vertically and horizontally and then turned inside out, to pop mango cubes into space for easy eating.

The task was to avoid handling the thing or eat it in the bath and not worry.

You can score the flesh to make square cubes or angled cubes. You can make them small and large.

You can be careful and careless. Each brings its own rewards, up to a point and then,

Mangos just don't smile up at you in the shops so much. They are peaches and plums now, members of the stoned fruit club.

Mangos need a face lift.

Courtesy of JGS, the mango has a new life. The new life involves the way in which the mango is cut and eaten. JGS calls it, The Snape Cut.

1. Take the mango and cut an oval incision at each end of the mango approximately 50 mm long and 30 mm.

2. Join the two incisions with another incision.

3. Peel away the middle peel to make the two ends handles.

4. Eat the mango.

You will notice that preparing the mango in such a way does not lend itself to being shared, so select a mango in proportion to your appetite. The mango is still two-faced, but less so than in earlier peeling methods.

Being less two-sided, the mango is more three dimensional. This aspect adds to the pleasure.

The body and the mind is averse to division.