Self Portrait with Hair

Shadow of head through sculpture

For all the consideration of the liveliness of each figure in the bowl sculptures, often the figures are reduced to pattern and  become subjugated. I noticed this shadow on the wall and saw that the figures were also like my hair. Perhaps these bowls were just accidental self portraits.

The figures might be hair, by virtue of the swarm of the shapes the figures make. They may also represent an account of my thinking, the activity of the brain as it  makes its various connections and disconnections. 

Self Portrait 2014

To that end I added other elements to account for the other parts of my head. This work will be installed outside Australian Galleries some time in October, 2014.

December 2014 Australian Galleries

Two sculptures present two options. The work on the left presents the cut-out as the finished work. The work to the right presents the cut-out as an elemeent in the work