The Empire of Emptiness

Starting from the beginning is to continue along the same line of enquiry as has been pursued from the beginning.

I have been starting from scratch from the year dot.

I have a habit of leaving my luggage at the door. I continue to bring nothing to the discussion.

It's a terrible risk I take, this imagining things accrue magically despite my best intentions to subvert them.

Be that as it may, I proceed undaunted, no lessons learnt.

I have my bags unpacked again, as I set out into The Empire of Emptiness.

Where to now?

What light through yonder window breaks?

I have in mind to strike out towards the ice that brought such comfort last year.

The rich lands of subject and life reiterated do not entice me still.

With so much talk of ice melting, I shall replace it with some of my own making.

A mountain of ice culture that will never melt.

I am thinking stainless steel. Big, heavy, empty.

That none shall want it, I shall take it to where nobody goes, to where the trees do not fall in the absence of witnesses.

Watch this space.