Danielle's Ten Year Anniversary at Lavender Bay

Hi Dan

Chances are you are not listening, again, your views are no doubt well set by now Ten years on.

Ten years might seem to be a reasonable time to set us apart, but you remain fixed in our memories.

The time we had, the friends we had, seemed drawn from an infinite well, but no.

That was it. You were it. This life was all we had.

Hey Dan.

Are you listening? Can you hear us? Can you see us?

You left us with the digital age. Are you on Facebook? You've missed the Rudd Gillard years. You left The Great Barrier Reef pristine.

Are you going to make yourself seen? Will you come to us? Will you just leave us to rattle around in our collective wishful thinking?

Hey Dan! Remember your 21st? That was cool. Such cool friends you had. You were all so mature, so cultured. We were all so clever then. The world was an oyster and we were stoned.

If you will not come to us, here, in this birth place of yours which promised so much,

This lavender Oyster,

Then shall we just continue to remember you, to love you and to carry on your good work.

Hey Dan!

Lavender Bay 9th April 2016