In The Future

In the future there will be more space.
There will be room to stretch and relax.
There will be leniency in paying bills, on time.
Walking against the Don’t Walk with no traffic around will be fine.
Being mentally lazy won’t be fine but it will be ok.

In the future you’ll only have to watch your p’s. The Q’s can go walkabout and that will be a good thing.

In the future fences will fall into disrepair and be removed.
Guidelines all round will be

In the future we will dispense with notion of one.
We’ll just glide along the present
We won’t be taking prisoners
We certainly won’t be killing them because
There won’t be wars.

In the future we will definitely have a better view of the past and accept some guidance from lessons in our haste, we had overtaken.

The very notion of a future is an abdication, a leaving home too early. It’s ok for boys to cry, as well as men.

In the future, technology will keep pace with itself and leave us alone. We will certainly never get ahead of it. “Are you keeping up with me, technology?”

In the future I will always leave home without my wallet and phone and Opal Card and be ok. I will be guided by good sense and intuition. I shall be guided by my good feelings and the good feelings of others.