Terrible Music Manifesto 2013


May we treat you ladies and gentlemen to some light manifesto.

Tonight we bring you Terrible Music and

By way of introduction some clarification on our musical philosophy

And program.


Tonight is the first public performance of Terrible Music.

Our task tonight is to present the live studio where the struggle is unseamlessly revealed.


We invite you to surrender what preconceptions you may have about us.

Preconceptions flare like arousal and hunger

So beware!


We bring you tonight what we have gathered from our extensive

Musical research and practice.

What we bring you tonight is only possible because of the practice we have employed

 Over the last two years,

 To perfect what we believe to be reliably unpronouncable

 And like terrible language sometimes is,



The practice we have undertaken  has made us perfect.

We guarantee that as a combined force, of unequivocal collaboration

We are and reflect  your world

On your behalf.



Structure is required to make an edifice

To enter a room you need a door

A room has dimensions; length, width, height and paintings.

Paintings are hung in a modest way with an emphasis on quality

Not quantity.


We are in it now. We are lying down. We are walking lying down and

Our feet offer no account of our progress.


Terrible Music offers us this place.

It is a testament of our struggle.

This is the sound of where we are.


Here we are tonight enshrined. The museum contains us and we are

A figment of its expression.


We are here in Sydney Cove and we have landed and made a rough camp

With the Opera House and same sex marriage, I think.


We are putting down the flagging stones which

Slip and slide on ground untrained for traction.





Terrible Music is cute like cute is ugly but interesting.

We thought we might have overcome such a prejudice as being caught out unprepared.


We imagined uncertainty had been well enough mapped

But here now sweat and trembles

And bowels with swinging doors attest


We do not and can

Never know the shape of beauty


We might have asked ourselves

About foreground and background.

About rhythm and melody.

We might have asked ourselves about the role of breath and how long and high we might be

Able and prepared

To fly.


For all of everything that we are not,

We are at least committed as musicians are,

To being carried away and aloft.


As Terrible as we are,

Music has never abandoned the promise to listeners of escape.


We bring you Hatch!


Should we safely navigate the sky

We will be the better for it and


Landing will not bring the usual disappointment of rent and retail.

When we were playing the other night I landed

As my father, Which was a bit of a disappointment.



People ask us,

What sort of music do you play?


I don't know enough about music to say.

There must be some some crossover genre like folk-jazz-indie-contemporary-soul

That we emulate.


Whatever it is that we are

We are just a product of our circumstance

And limited curiosity

Inhibits an accurate identification



When the driving force takes

When the fire lights

We are suspended

And sensible thinking looks up at us abashed.


If we are an apparition

A future dim memory

Our fleetingness is apt.



(An epilog)

Much contemporary art

Hides behind

An important rationale


And from that effort

Faults and limits inherent in the work

Are obscured.


Terible Music

Has found a home here tonight

To find itself so well reflected

In the immodest intentions of those beliefs.


If in listening to these words

You have been distracted from the sounds

So much the better!