Naked is
Walking down Darling Street fully clothed
Without a wallet.

The hip pocket?
The buttock pocket empty
The right buttock pocket unarmoured,
Layers of leather folded
The weight of papers, receipts, plastic cards, bullet proof

Naked is
Carrying three small cartons of non fat yoghurt home
Without a plastic bag,
Half-concealed by a rolled up Herald.

Naked is carrying any video back to the video shop
Grey skinned and bag-eyed
Shamed at having made do
With second-hand life.

Naked is walking home in the wind
And all you can hear is the plastic bag rippling
Undrowned by conversation.

Naked is
Catching anybody's eye
And the line of sight
Removes all of the three dimensionality of space and time.

Naked is
The present as a fleeting glance.