National Art School Sculpture Exhibition 1997

Opening Address, 14 September 1997

Another year has come Another sculpture show
One among many.

The sculpture department of the NAS has enjoyed a period of unparalleled success. The tradition was being threatened by TAFE's restructuring program of 1994. The sculpture department in particular, fought for an independence from interference.

The new independent National Art School was the dream we dared not imagine would come to fruition.
But it did.
The arts community in its wisdom immediately identified what needed to be done.
The arts community will now continue to act to preserve part of its culture.

Which is sacred.

If it is not immediately relevant to the changing demands in the marketplace, if it is not seen to be producing the names to emerge on the scene, that is of little consequence.

There are other paths
Fathomed in time
Which our calculations obscure.

The new exhibition by third year students of the sculpture department
Sheds light on a dark place.
What is lit
We barely understand
And we need not understand.

Students can afford more than the rest of us to be reckless, careless and adventurous.
Respect comes with time to cripple or liberate.

Much is being achieved in this formative period of The National Art School.
Solid structures need to be built.
Courses need to be written.
Radical improvements need to be made.
All of those things are happening.

One important element will be remembered..
The art school has its own life
Which is bigger than any of us.

Individuals will make a significant contribution
Both those contributions are words in a song
Already Half sung.

Thank you.