Paul's Tower 2000 – the sculpture

I have made a new sculpture.

I wanted to make something that struck a chord. That gave shape to what we feel.

I have made a sculpture that is not significant because it reflects other significances. It is significant all by itself.

Whether it was born or a clear note sung Or whether it was puked belched or farted out I do not know, nor does it really matter?

Sydney declares itself either way, shamelessly. Sydney is the green shoot for which the world is waiting. The twentieth century was a fire from which the world was wounded.

The wealth of history stuck in the gullet, Was an unreliable ally.

Sydney's successful application to host the millennium Was an invitation made by the world community To shed some light To display some innocence To show some gumption.

We are bound to meet that demand Not to hold a mirror up To reflect the tired face of the old world But make a picture in which the world might see itself New and rough.

Michael Snape 1999