What we need to get back to, which has been left silent and powerless for too long is... silence, that most abused, more often mute than sensible, entity, make fly again, and let it echo there and resonate, and not let it be interrupted. Bring back the silence because too much has already been said. Make the silence work. Make it work like words do to be the gas that fills us. Fill us with silence and nothing and we will never do without.

Make the silence like a nothing that words and sounds are. Rake it through the coals. Make it gasp. Make it struggle to find the silence to speak.

Fill a book with it; quiet words that are not mouthed from having not been formed from impulses not worthy of conceiving.

Make the pages white but make each pale so compellingly white that each makes the next paler. Make it a real page turner, a tome of silence.

And when the silence comes to a climax, should one be required, make the echoes reverberate with the same composure that made it come about.