The Breach

Sculpture by The Sea 2013

 The Breach, 2013 253 cm x 290 cm x 135 cm

The exhibition of bowl sculptures took place in May, 2012  at The Waterhouse Dodd Gallery in New York . (See website.)  

The Breach is the last of the bowl sculptures and was not ready the for New York exhibition. The work has recently been exhibited at Sculpture by The Sea. Of all of the bowl works this work was the least constrained by the shape of the mold into which the bowls were pressed. 

From initially being concerned with describing water, the sense of a whale emerged, heaving itself out of the water, to present itself. Subsequently material was added which lent weight to this reading, including the place names of towns on the NSW coast and of Sydney Harbour, as if its journey was inscribed within its shape. As the whale emerged from the sea, so these aspects emerged without design, in the making.

The marks cut into the plate to allow it to be shaped are finger sized as if drawn in sand that makes the work like a wrought daub.

The sculpture works from all angles; from both sides and each end, however, the viewer is more drawn to the concave view in order to be contained and physically surrounded by the work