The Precipice

The Precipice
Advent of The Spong

These are the lyrics to one of the songs currently under construction with Terrible Music. While our music concerns itself with the 'extemporary' condition, it does not entirely discount melody as one of its defining elements. Neither spoken nor entirely sung, the lyrics are 'spung'. The object produced from 'spinging' is the 'spong'. What once was 'Swong'* now gives rise to 'spong'.

These lyrics talk about the miracle of our time related to the dire straits to which we find ourselves attached.

The Precipice

Seems like our time is the most extraordinary of all.

From previous precipitous there was never such a fall

We can look down now to no end in sight

There is no course we can take to give us respite.

For the ultimate mayhem we have the best.

It's the end of the world from far east to far west.

It's the end of the seasons hot and cold

It's the end of new and the end of old.

It's the end of youth having something to say.

It's the background now that stages the play.

We all have to be still and good and calm.

We won't but we have to hold out our arm.

The stars and stripes were bashings and blows

Flags describe places nobody knows.

Coastlines once are sealines now

Can't find the scientists to find the old knowhow.

And so for a while we'll have to hold our breath

Take stock just from life and death

Take time to pause a little

Take time to bend the brittle.

God as a spokesman might have something to say.

He was big on what could be done in a day.

Is it only faith that can bring us together?

Can He make a brick a feather?

Do we really need to be so brink dependent?

Do we have to be so mired in the present?

I'd like to take a leaf from the sceptic's book

From that sense of proportion I could take a look

Funnily that book is always a bible

And God can never be liable

That really is quite a feat

To snatch a victory from a clear defeat.

No. I must content from being blind

A privilege from having neither front nor behind.

I must content with merely spinning, falling

Down this pretty precipice that's calling.

* Swong (1984 - 1987), was the name of the band comprised of James Rogers, Peter Wellington and myself. The name was an amalgam from swan song singers which proved, due to the flow of history since that time, to be a misnomer.