This Naked Song Is

Yet to be Dressed with Sound


Can never stand alone.

There is no legislation

To separate it from its rank to question.

There is no half or nearly stop.

It is only ever full and heavy

and no debate shall be entered.

In a sentence a comma can be employed

As a give way sign

If not a breath then a pause

To let other things gather.

A comma is a break.

You can see the rubber left on the page

to avert the collision.

You can hear the traffic in the columns of words.

Each car is one word.

It is always peak hour in prose.

Poetry is a drive in the country.

You can break the rules with relative immunity.

Off road is best though.

Bush bashing barefoot Daring the snakes to be run over.



Was bitten by a bee this morning

At Clovelly.

We were sitting on the concrete

Preparing to cross the bridge of shock

Into high tide.

I was quite surprised how much it hurt.

The sting.

I had to stand aside to let it pass,

Like when you die

You go up in the air and look down on your dead body.

In the water,

I formed relations with the fish.

I got to know them

As I get to know my fellow men.

When we return this afternoon

I shall cement my relationship with the groper.

He and I shall grow old together.

I pegged out some land there to build a house. There's a good flat, even block without big rocks. There are never any fish grazing there. No swimmers overhead to overlook us. I shall build a house of breath.

Surprising how, in winter, the water temperature does not drop so far as to require heating. From every vantage there is a rocky sculpted outcrop. The vegetation is sparse as I like it, arid, wet.

Down further, where it gets deeper, it widens out, and there is a wide sandy desert. I am courageous now to cross it without hesitation to where it lifts again to the reef.

There are some good building blocks there which , in future years will be more valued and developed.


xxxx Has kindly offered to record Terrible Music.

He has asked that we Write some songs To help us Disguise the mess we make.

The tidiness of this song

And others

Will put his mind to rest.