Interviews Notes for Ali Gripper

Favourite object, sunglasses.

Optical sunglasses with image as a bonus satisfies on all fronts.

I get to value add, by wearing them. I add value to myself.

By wearing them, strangers do not have to guess who I am. I am telling them, so time is saved.

Being not transitional, as my other glasses are, they do not have to second guess the light.

They presuppose the sun is shining.

By wearing them, I do not have to hold my hand up as a screen to block the sun. I can use my hands for carrying shopping, for holding other's hands and for gesticulating.

The glasses suit me quite well. They are shaped to accommodate the shape of my head. Their horned rims overlap my conservative nature. The half wrap overlaps my radical side.

I like this object particularly because I have not lost them as I generally do, so we have grown closer, over that time. If I had a dog I would take it for a walk. These glasses are a leash and a dog in one.

Besides being my inanimate best friend, being several years old already, their joints are loose. Their metal  is becoming fatigued from having been bent back into shape so often. In caring for them, my connection to them over time becomes stronger.

When I come home from being out, I put them in the same place, where keys also, are kept. I very nearly tuck them in.

They are stylish without being fashionable. I always buy my glasses from an optometrist in Rozelle. Can I mention her name? Sally Nielson. She has boxes of old glasses overlooked in every way. I find a selection from twenty years of changing styles more able to reveal the new than what the literal new, offers.

Going out for me involves taking always wallet, keys, phone and sunglasses.

How can my sunglasses not be my favourite object?