Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Golden Mean

The 'relative' parameters defined by the 'beholder's open-mindedness is exhausted.

Enough already!

Yes. It is true that sometimes  beauty's conditions for identification are obscure.

That does not mean that they are so diffused that they are shared by all the beholders of the world.

The beauty that stops us in our tracks, that takes our breath away, that leaves us dumbfounded, that makes a mockery of our cultivation is always unambiguously shared.

What are its conditions?

I can't work it out as described by the formula,  1 to 1.6 etc. That's too hard.

When it's there though, you can see it. You can hear it. You can feel it.

The hum that comes with it is intoxicating. We go to emulate the effects of it, with drugs and sex and food and company, but all those things are replacements, excuses, distractions.

For all of what art seeks to do, its ultimate function is to represent the condition that the golden mean promotes.