There was a palm tree here, in my studio, maybe ten years ago? The bats would swarm like bees to eat the fruit. The stump has finally been removed five years after most of the tree was taken away. I can fill the hole now to make the slab more uninterrupted, more useful.

The slab has never drained well, so I will use the hole to take some of the water away. The water sits in a puddle where the sky is reflected here. I used the last of the fireplace flue as a formwork and the 9" angle grinder with a masonry disc, to cut the funnel. I traced and cut a v out of the flue to match the funnel.

Whatever we do, no matter what purpose it might serve, we always do the same thing. This is very much like the sculptures I make, only, it doesn't have the same status. It's like the things I say and the way I drive. We repeat ourselves.

The hole needed to be capped, to prevent stepping into it. This has made the drain less noticeable and it can  play its role now, slipping discreetly into the architecture.