One plus one equals one

The current exhibition of work at 146 Abercrombie Street Redfern is co-hosted by The Commercial Gallery and Australian Galleries. It runs from the 28th March to 25 April, 2015. 

All the works in the show are made from two parts. Each part gives itself to the other part to form one whole. The works are large or as large as one person can reasonably manage with limited resources.

The scale of the work equals the capacity of my materials, my workshop, my truck mounted crane and my body. 

The works are an amalgam of those factors mixed with how one plus one can be happily added. 

My task was to empty my studio of materials. Being that there is very little material in my studio, the choices of teams, who would go with who etc, were not complicated.

My recent work, work made over the last twenty years has tended to employ steel as if carved or drawn into and onto and then cut. With these new works I wanted to explore steel for what it's made to do, which is to be fabricated. I am returning to the way I worked in the seventies, which is why the older work has been useful. Several works were started in 1979, Gavel and King Pin.

The two parts in every work were persuaded more than attached together. Love was the means by which they were united.

Several of the works employed propping. Lean To and The Flower did not disguise this fact whereas The Truth employed leaning on rather than to. King Pin's union is more complicated. It is my favourite work in the show.

I am obliged to make work as if this is the last work I will make. Making work as if tomorrow never comes is the way to go.

I have no idea what to do next. Something will come along to deliver me from choice.

Please see Exhibition Notes below for further thoughts on exhibition.