Lovers New and Old One and Two

This sculpture was one of two sculptures made for Ken and Rachel Hancock in Balmain in 2006.

They were to choose which one they liked more. They chose Lovers New and Old One.

Lovers New and Old Two, 2006

Lovers New and Old One was made to be attached to a wall in a courtyard and viewed from three sides from both the ground floor and first floor. The sculpture is 5m tall and 1.2m wide.

Lovers New and Old One, 2006

Both works are made from oxy-cut steel which is then remodelled with selective bending of figures and parts of figures. Lovers New and Old One employs figures set at distances from each other, whereas LNO Two places the figures in the same plane. I thought I was onto something with the colour but it didn't work. Last year the sculpture was repainted, and installed at Julie and Denis' house at Blackheath.

Lovers New and Old Two, 2014

Oblique view

The installation overlapped the beginning of the Martin Place Lindt Café siege, lending a poignancy to the occasion.