2017 Sculpture by The Sea Proposal

My mother died last June at the age of ninety. She had been regarded as one of the world's leading calligraphers and has awards and medals to testify to the fact. While she was still capable of doing calligraphy,  I asked her if she would write Cool Coal in a Coca Cola font. She produced the above drawing and asked me what it was for.

I told her I wanted to make a big steel version for Sculpture by The sea. That was nearly ten years ago. I came to propose it to Sculpture by The Sea this year, 2017. Sadly, the curatorial panel did not select the work.

This blog materialisation has less gravitas, like a photocopy of a reproduction. It can be savoured though, for its prospects, in the imagination, and in the future. 

It was to be 5 metres wide and 1.5 metres tall and made out of box section stainless steel, painted red.

Cool Coal, 2017, Sculpture by The Sea Proposal