The  Installation

Eclipse was installed on the 30th April, 2017 at Denman Prospect, which is a new residential estate in Canberra being built by Capital Estate Developments. There are a number of sculptures being installed more or less simultaneously; a Jorg Plikat, a Phil Price a Philip Spelman and mine. 

Eclipse is the result of six months work.

Eclipse' Shadow was installed at Willinga Park  in Bawley Point and was the predecessor to this work which was preceded in turn by Lola's Dream and Mother Shadow currently on show at Australian Galleries May 4 - May 21, 2017. (see below)

The dam level rise rise about 400mm to cover the footing of the sculpture. The dam will change to green when the silt settles and the vegetation will settle, to more approximate nature.

As envisioned the sphere sits at the end of the ringed dam with the hills of Canberra as further backdrop. The estate looks over Canberra's Arboretum.

Eclipse, 2017

The work would not have been made without the  knowledge and experience of Alex Kosmas who assisted in all four sphere sculptures. 

Mother Shadow, 2017

Lola's Dream, 2017

Lola Demar found my work on the internet.

It was she who conceived the idea of the sphere with figures. Many thanks and much credit should  go to her.

I shall post more photos when the work has settled in.