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Conceptual Art Comes to Sculpture by The Sea


Sculpture by The Sea proposes to exhibit a conceptual prototype of a Mexican Wall for the 2019 Bondi exhibition.

In a first for this heralded International sculpture exhibition, sculptor Michael Snape plans to exhibit a concept model for a wall of wave-shaped steel that will eventually ring the Australian coastline. The wall is designed to inhibit an influx of illegal Mexican immigrants.

The work is not unlike a Mexican wave which ripples around a sports stadium. In this instance the stadium, is the coastline of Australia. Coincidentally the wall is constituted of wave shapes.

In his proposal for a Mexican Wall, Donald Trump has been influenced by contemporary artists Richard Serra and also celebrated (Bulgarian) sculptor Christo. Both these artists have built walls that present obstacles to easy traffic. The walls serve as dividers, marking off different spaces.

Those artists also reflect an American aspiration that big is better and might is great. Donald Trump shares that appreciation, as does this artist.

In its exhibition at Bondi, signage however, will discourage climbing and so reflect the official role the wall will play. The concept model will be 2.4 metres high and 3.6 metres long.

The final wall will be funded by lottery. Its construction will provide employment for remote coastal Aboriginal populations and less remote coastal non-Aboriginals.

The Mexican Wall will be able to viewed from outer space.

The concept will be evidenced by the model and by full publication in the SXS catalogue.